Choose commercial LED lighting: Types of commercial LED light


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Commercial LED lighting used in commercial places such as stores, distribution centers, offices, auto dealerships, factories, and warehouses. While residential lighting focuses on aesthetics, commercial LED is task orientated. LED lighting has become the best replacement for traditional commercial lighting, such as incandescent. With so many alternative products to choose from in the market, knowing the types of LED lighting and their benefits will help you consider the best.

commercial LED light

Types of commercial LED light

Task lights

Task lights are made explicitly for workspaces. They help workers to illuminate a specific task that they are performing. They are easy to install and an excellent replacement for incandescent and high-pressure sodium (HPS).

LED warehouse lighting

This type of lighting is designed to bring more light to the warehouse enough for the work done there. The lighting consumes less power while emitting more light. A hanging troffer is a fixture used to fit LED bulbs in warehouses.

Outdoor commercial lights

LED employed outdoors are mostly for highlighting certain outdoor areas of a business or for security purposes. Outdoor commercial lights include floodlights, LED shoebox lights, and LED wall packs. LED wall pack lights are mounted by the side of a building and used to light the exterior of the building or its parking space.

LED shoebox lights serve as street lights or parking lot lights and are mounted on a pole. Lastly, floodlights provide light at a high intensity in a given wide area and can also draw attention to attractive landscapes, monuments, and pathways.

commercial LED light

Track lighting

Tracks are used when mounting adjustable light fixtures. The tracks also come with electrical wiring that removes the need to wire each fixture directly. Since they enable adjustment as needed, the tracks can be mounted on walls or ceilings of the workspace.

Recessed troffer lights

The lights are installed through a ceiling opening to allow the light to shine down directly. It is viewed as the best option because of its low heat emission.

Lay in fixtures Desk lamps

The LED desk lamps provide more and closer light that prevents backaches and eye strains. Most businesses consider this type of lighting because of the health benefits associated with it thus; making it best for commercial and residential use.

Factors to consider before purchasing a commercial LED lighting

 Color rendition and temperature

Lighting with the right color temperature and color rendition enhances the productivity of a business and its employees. The proper lighting will depend on the business goal. For example, a restaurant needs a soft light to create a welcoming environment.

Brightness or dimness

Dim light can be uncomfortable and cause eye gloominess, while too bright light will lead to eyestrain and headaches. Therefore, a good commercial light should balance the two to avoid inconvenience.

Direct or indirect lighting

Direct lighting is most suitable for task lighting and can be used in workspaces and restaurants, while indirect lighting concentrates light upwards to bounce back from walls and ceilings.

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