Your Ultimate Transparent LED Display Buyer’s Guide


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Now we are going to mention different LED displays

  • Transparent LED Screen
  • Crystal Film LED Screen
  • Floor Tile LED Screen 


Transparent Led Screen:

Driven Transparent screen show arrangements can be fitted behind any window or glass wall to make a full-variety video screen that doesn’t hinder the view in that frame of mind of a structure. These LED Displays offer a basic, measured arrangement that will squeeze into any setting and coordinate with the climate.


LED Display manufacturer Breaks the idea of traditional presentation: thick and weighty box, empty box, high porousness, better intensity scattering, fast establishment, simple upkeep; straightforward design, lightweight; broadly utilized in different events.



  • high light transmission rate: up to 65% ~ 90%. The thickness of each LED strip is simply 2mm, and the light strip between the level segment creates a hole to frame a straightforward impact.
  • lightweight: the utilization of empty strip configuration, can be joined with the particular size of the glass custom box of little and box tone and glass drapery wall to diminish the weight-bearing strain.
  • don’t bother supplanting the whole module, support is finished inside, with high proficiency, and minimal expense.
  • due to its high penetrability, no commotion, low power utilization, and other great execution, with next to no helper heat dispersal gear, you can let the breeze for its regular intensity dissemination.
  • indoor upkeep is advantageous and protected, saving labor supply and material assets.


Crystal Film Led Screen:

Film LED show screen that has extraordinary visual quality. This show, when applied to surfaces, consistently consolidates with the surface with its glue and changes it into eye-getting and staggering video shows. This item is for the most part utilized on glass surfaces.

It is light, flimsy, straightforward, simple to introduce, delicate, bendable, and cuttable. A driven movie screen can be straightforwardly joined to the glass shade wall, which is coordinated with the structure from the appearance.

led display manufacturer


  • The utilization of adaptable straightforward film, a film thickness of 2mm, and a weight of just 2.6kg/m²
  • The utilization of straightforward optical film, with porousness up to 95%, doesn’t influence everyday lighting.
  • The delicate film can adapt to a bent plan, with slim. Light can be wound, planned opportunity, and so on, adaptable, and appropriate for any ebb and flow of the glass, wall, or molded picture.
  • Can be straightforwardly appended to the glass drapery wall, without breaking and changing the first development structure.
  • In a laser carving circuit, you can more readily control the line width to guarantee steady impedance, so the splendor of each LED chip is something similar. To accomplish the impact of showing data content brilliance consistency.


Floor Tile Led Screen:

Driven floor tile screens will carry fervor and add energy to your space. They are turning into a hot item with intuitive floors and passages. These LED floor tiles are not difficult to introduce, they are adaptable and are not difficult to keep up with. These LED display manufacturer floor tiles are made in different areas.


Driven intuitive floor tile screen on top of the ordinary floor tile screen, free innovative work of underlying enlistment framework, various innovation licenses. Settle the customary floor tile screen single circumstance. The genuine human screen association not only carries visual happiness to the client, yet, in addition, can also recreate individuals to the genuine scene, and improve the scene’s fascination.



  • Aluminum combination material construction, load-bearing 1.5 tons/㎡
  • Can be installed directly without tools or rail installation.
  • Can be straightforwardly traded without eliminating the neighboring box. Long assistance life is protected and dependable, and is energy-saving and natural security
  • Low splendor and high dim impact, show dim scale consistency, great consistency
  • Proficient intensity dissemination channel plan, fast intensity dispersal, and video playback.
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