Types Of CNC Precision Machining Equipment And Uses           


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Different pieces of equipment are needed to make it work in CNC precision machining. In some cases, the tools are put on a single machine, and the worker only has to start and stop the process. In some situations, the tools have to be placed on different machines, and the machining will have to move the material from one machine to another. Some machines can be used in precision manufacturing.

cnc precision machining

CNC Precision Machining For Milling Equipment

The process of milling involves using machines to remove excess material from a piece of equipment. There are different types of mills involved. The types of mills that can be examples are end mills, chamfer mills, and helical mills. Hand milling machines, universal milling machines, plain milling machines, and universal milling machines are available for use in the mills. Some machines either have a horizontal or vertical orientation.


CNC Turning Equipment

It is a CNC Precision machining process of rotating a piece of metal next to a single-point cutting tool. Lathes are the most popular tools used for turning processes. There are different types of lathes, including turret lathes, engine lathes, and engine-purpose lathes. Straight turning, external grooves, taper turning, and threads are some equipment used in other turning.


CNC Precision Machining For Drilling Equipment

The drilling process uses rotating multi-point drill bits to create cylindrical holes in raw materials. The design of the drill bits can allow the chips to fall away from work. This prevents the holes from being messy. Or making shallow or pilot holes, spotting drills, peck drills, screw machine drills, and chucking reamers are some of the common drill bits used in the manufacturing process. Here are drill presses, which are drill bits made for a particular drilling task.


Electric Discharge Equipment

The electrical discharges are used to get the finished product from the Electrical Discharge Mining process. The setup is made up of a tool and a piece of metal that are separated by a fluid and subject to an electrical charge. The process is referred to as spark machining, spark erosion, burning, die sinking, and wire erosion.


CNC Precision Machining Use In the Medical Industry

With the need for new equipment, medicine is evolving rapidly. They need high volumes of existing equipment and also have needs for new equipment. The machinery that makes this equipment is made by CNC precision machining. Implants, safe enclosures, and research equipment are just some of the examples of such.


CNC Precision Machining Use In the Automotive Industry

With automobiles, all new companies are coming up with innovations. They also need to develop prototypes of these parts before they add them to their manufacturing lines. Prototypes are developed to exact specifications by the machine tool company. Many other common means of transport like shipping vessels, transport trucks, and many more can also be made with CNC precision machining.


CNC Precision Machining Use In Aerospace Industry

Aerospace vehicles need very precise contraptions as a single error could lead to severe damage to the different Aeronautical vehicles. The precision machining process is responsible for making important components in this industry—for example, landing gear ports, bushings, manifolds, airfoils, etc.

The word “CNC” means stands for computer numerical control. It allows the machine to perform many functions with minimal human control. The fabrication of a component using a machine is referred to as CNC machining. We hope this blog about CNC precision machining will be helpful for you. For more blogs, keep visiting our website.

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