Introduction And Purchasing Skills For Kitchen Cabinet Hardware


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Many people choose custom cabinets when decorating their kitchens. This design would be convenient for storage and organization. In addition to high appearance, good plates, fine craftsmanship, and hardware accessories, custom cabinets are also the key, which directly affect the usage time of the cabinets. Let’s begin the introduction of kitchen cabinet hardware and purchasing skills.

The main categories of cabinet hardware are hinges, slide, pull baskets, handles, and struts. The selection of these accessories is mainly based on materials, specifications, brands, and so on.

kitchen cabinet hardware


Hinges are one of the most used and common accessories in cabinet hardware. It is used to connect the cabinet door and the cabinet body, mainly for fixing opening, and closing. The quality of the hinges will directly affect the normal use of the door panel opening and closing. When selecting, we can check the opening and closing smoothness and mute condition of the cabinet door to test the hinge. Common hinges have two-point positioning and three-point positioning, which are detachable and are divided into buckles and base parts. Material: cold-rolled steel/stainless steel/alloy material, common cold-rolled steel on the market, it is not easy to rust, strong and durable, and has strong load-bearing capacity. It is recommended to install dampers to help buffer decompression and prolong service life.


It’s not only used in cabinets but also in a large number of furniture hardware accessories that need slide rails. The quality of the slide is related to the smoothness of drawer stretching, and even whether there is a danger of “derailment”. We can choose a guide rail with good performance, and high precision, and is not easy to deform. The slide rails are mainly divided into side slide rails, bottom rails, and horse riding drawers. The bearing capacity of the side slide rail is relatively poor, the bottom rail has high aesthetics, and the bearing capacity is strong. The overall use of the riding pump is smooth and stable, and the bearing capacity is also better, but the price is relatively high. Material: Alloy/cold-rolled steel material, such accessories have smooth surfaces, making the drawer feel smooth and supple, low noise, and long service life.

Pull baskets

It’s mainly used to store pots and pans, so it’s better to choose materials with high waterproof performance. For different purposes, it can be divided into corner pull baskets, drawer pull baskets, high and deep pull baskets, etc. The size can be customized according to the depth and height of the cabinet. Pleasure to pay attention to choosing good corrosion resistance and bearing capacity. Stainless steel is the best choice. The pull basket made of chrome-plated/painted material may rust in subsequent use, which is generally not recommended. In addition, the surface treatment of the welding place of the pull basket should be smooth and free of burrs to avoid scratching people.


Mainly used for flip-up hanging cabinets. The flip-up hanging cabinets have sliding doors and inclined sliding doors. The fixed method of inclined sliding doors is more suitable for use. It can be fixed at will, and there is no limit to the height of the user.


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