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It is time to redefine your computer with Gaming Mini PC RTX4060. The compact computer offers high performance, which is a surprise given the small space. It is space-saving, less noisy, and easy to carry. But that’s not all! Here are some of its technical features that will surely convince you to purchase RTX4060.


Gaming Mini PC RTX4060


Technical characteristics of Gaming Mini PC RTX4060


-Energy efficient

Gaming Mini PC RTX4060 has a single eight-pin power connector. The tiny feature is all it needs to power the compact personal computer. Moreover, the device supports 19V/15.79A recommended power supply. Which is very energy efficient compared to the big traditional desktop PC. The upgrade is very cost-efficient and appealing.



Gaming Mini PC RTX4060 is becoming popular in the community because of its wide-scale compatibility. It is a lot easier to install because of the limited size. Gaming Mini PC RTX4060 with tiny size 320 mm(L)x240 mm(W)x57 mm(H). Small body unleashes great performance, offering you the best user experience.


-Hyper-realistic gaming

The graphics card is based on a 5nm process, based on the AD104 graphics processor, and supports DirectX 12 Ultimate. The AD104 graphics processor is a large chip with a chip area of 300mm².

The RTX4060 graphics card has powerful graphics processing capabilities and ray tracing technology, high hardware specifications, and excellent performance. Through benchmark tests and real-world gaming tests, the RTX4060 delivers excellent performance and responsiveness in both gaming and professional applications.


-Stable internal temperature

When the personal computer overheats, it emits an annoying noise. It can distract you from gaming and compromise the experience. However, the Gaming Mini PC RTX4060 has three silent copper fans. They can withstand heat so the internal temperature does not rise. The fans lead to a stable PC performance even if you leave the device on 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


-Multiple outputs

PC RTX4060 supports four-channel output. You can observe the events in 2 DP and 2 HDMI screens that are connected to the compact computer. The outputs are generating the same time without delay or lagging. With dual NIC RJ45 LAN, and multiple USB supports, it can meet your needs for office working/gaming PC purposes. Moreover, you can synchronize different screens for the optimum gaming experience. In addition, the RTX4060 supports PXE as well.



The Gaming Mini PC HT230 with RTX40608G is ideal for gamers who have a tiny budget. You can experience the same graphics now as well-established and experienced online streamers. The RTX4060 is ideal if you are on the route to earn through gaming. You do not need to save every penny to purchase a graphic card. Invest into the future with the gaming PC today.


Where to purchase PC RTX4060?

You can purchase Gaming Mini PC RTX4060 from JIERUICC. You can connect the PC with the home’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Other places for installation offer offices, education institutions, video editing, and CCTV solutions. and conference rooms. The PC is built for more than gaming. Buy it today to experience crisp output and vivid images!


Gaming Mini PC RTX4060


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